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Self-defence through Self-development



Learn situational awareness and  avoidance of hostile situations.

    Develop an understanding of body language and how to project yours to decrease becoming a target. 

Evade the threat.



Learn de-escalation techniques, how to manage your stress response cycle, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and react positively to pressure. 

Negate the threat.



Learn reality-based self defence techniques that are adaptive to multiple scenarios, effective for anyone, and quick to become proficient in. 

Escape the threat.

About XTRA

Xtra Edge is a reality-based self-defence system that provides practical skills and a mindset to protect you and enable you to live confidently and freely.

The system's core principles are situational awareness, proximity control, assertive action and evasion. Learning to positively manage your physiological and psychological responses to fear and stress is fundamental to all the principles.

The curriculum ensures you can respond proportionally to hostile encounters with training ranging in soft to hard skills.

At the system's core is a narrow range of practical techniques that are adaptive to multiple scenarios, operate under stress, and designed to provide quick skill progression, while applicable to any gender and age. 

We provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment as the first step in allowing you to find your potential and develop new skills.


Boxing Training Krav Maga


Benefit from positive psychological adaption to stress, feeling centred and confident and expanding your potential.

Punch With Style Self Denfense


Benefit from physical wellbeing including conditioning, speed, balance, coordination and improved posture.

Woman Self Defense Class

Defence Skills

Benefit from practical self-defence techniques that can be used to protect yourself if ever in a dangerous situation.


My name is Owen

Creator of the Xtra Edge Self-Defence System.

My journey in martial arts started in 1981 studying Hapkido, Kempo Karate, Arnis, Aikido, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi which included training in numerous dojos throughout New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Japan. 

In addition, I taught Close Quarter Combat for six years to a specialist area of the NZ Police.

During my time working in the security industry, close protection and law enforcement I experienced various hostile encounters and environments that continued to shape my thinking, skills and approach.


With a deep belief in the underlying power of a positive mindset along with an interest in body language, neuro-linguistic programming, survival stress response, fitness and meditation, I saw an opportunity to combine these with my martial arts and real-world experience. This led to synthesising the best aspects into an integrated self-defence and self-development system. 

Xtra Edge represents the skills and insights of over 40 years of training, distilled to suit people's modern life where time is limited, and to provide practical abilities to contribute to a safe, confident and healthy life.

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Box Self Defense

Anyone who needs to build their physical and mental confidence

Anyone in front-line medical roles

Anyone in law enforcement 

Anyone working in the security industry

Anyone working in potential hostile situations

Anyone likely to undertake international travel

Anyone who feels vulnerable

Xtra Edge Training Assists 


We welcome new members

You'll enjoy a safe, respectful and fun atmosphere 

 Before deciding about joining, we offer 2 free trial classes

Training Day


Every Saturday


Ponsonby Community Centre

20 Ponsonby Terrace 


Plenty of free parking

Joining Fee

Individuals one off fee $50

No contracts

Tuition Fee

Individuals $40 per month or $10 per class

Family or partners 50% off fees

Get the xtra edge in life

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / How do I get started

Just contact us stating you would like to arrange a visit. Then come along in some comfortable clothing like track-pants and t-shirt.

May train in bare feet, yoga socks with grip, or tai chi shoes.

The training environment is friendly and welcoming, which includes providing lessons appropriate to your level of expertise.

2 / Do I need to be in shape or fit?

Not at all, training is designed around your level of fitness.

3 / Is Xtra Edge Self-Defence difficult to learn?

No, the system has been purposely created for quick skill progression and application.

4 / Do you train children?

We only accept 16 years and older.

5 / What type of clothing is required?

Casual athletic clothing, typically track-pants or active cargo pants and a t-shirt. Club t-shirts available on joining.

Contact Us


Ponsonby Community Centre

20 Ponsonby Terrace


Auckland 1011


  Instructor: Owen





08:00am - 09:30

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